23 Jun 2013


It's that time of the year again! Ramadan is only a few weeks away and signs of Ramadan preparations are appearing everywhere in the Muslim world (and non-Muslim world as well!).

Normally, there are 3 types of people when it comes to readiness for Ramadan:

1. Some people are in panic mode and realise that there's a lot they need to do BEFORE Ramadan but they have little time to get things done.

2. Some are in super excited mode and can't wait for Ramadan to begin but they haven't really planned for it.

3. Some are not sure what to expect of Ramadan and they'll take it as it comes.

There's also a 4th type of people; these are the people who take the time to prepare and plan for a truly Productive Ramadan. They take courses and classes on Ramadan, read books and revise the rules regarding fasting during Ramadan, and sit down with pen and paper with their families and write what they want to achieve during Ramadan. They prepare themselves mentally, physically and spiritually for Ramadan.

These 5 extremely practical tips to prepare for a Productive Ramadan. So here we go:

Tip #1 READ
Read a chapter on fasting from any well-known Islamic Fiqh book. There are many in the market, but the most popular fiqh book is a book called Bulugh Al-Maram by Imam Ibn Hajr Asqalani (773H-852H) and it has the rulings regarding fasting from the major schools of Fiqh in Islam. If you find this book technical, I suggest you go through the bits you don't understand or not sure about with your local imam/scholar. Make sure you don't start Ramadan without you being clear about all the issues you normally are not clear about regarding fasting. This will save you tons of hours of confusion and doubt!

Write down at least 10-20 pages of duas you want to make for yourself, your family/friends, and Ummah. This tip was shared with me by Sh.Muhammad Al-Shareef in a recent interview I held with him and I found it really useful. Do this exercise with your spouse and children and it'll be a great bonding experience. You might think it's hard to come up with 1 page of dua even, but really believe that you're asking the King of All Kings, Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) and He'll grant you what you wish, so ask and never be shy or think "it's too much!".


Practice fasting! Yes, practice to fast during this last month before Ramadan. If you want to avoid the headaches and hunger pangs of the first days of Ramadan, fasting during these last few weeks before Ramadan would get you physically & mentally prepared. Aim to fast Mondays & Thursdays during this month and do more if you can. Also, don't just practice fasting from food and drink, but also from backbiting, lying, looking and listening to haram and anything that will harm your fast.


If you're not used to night prayer, aim in the next few weeks before Ramadan starts to pray at least 2 rak'ah of night prayer + 3 rak'ah of witr prayer either right after Isha or just before you sleep. This will help you overcome laziness during Ramadan from praying the taraweeh prayers or late night prayers.

Download our Productive Ramadan Taskinator! This is our very own hour-by-hour Ramadan planner, which helps you plan for each hour of Ramadan. It might be overwhelming at first when you first fill it, but keep filling it and you'll end up with a beautiful and practical Ramadan plan inshaAllah.



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